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LSST Data Management Base Package
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lsst::afw::table::io::CatalogVector Class Reference

A vector of catalogs used by Persistable. More...

#include <CatalogVector.h>

Inheritance diagram for lsst::afw::table::io::CatalogVector:
std::vector< BaseCatalog >

Public Member Functions

BaseCatalog push_back (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog crbegin (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog erase (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog data (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog insert (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog pop_back (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog shrink_to_fit (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog back (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog end (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog resize (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog emplace_back (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog size (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog cbegin (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog front (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog rbegin (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog crend (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog assign (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog reserve (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog capacity (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog empty (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog cend (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog swap (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog max_size (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog rend (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog get_allocator (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog clear (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog at (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog emplace (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog operator[] (BaseCatalog ... args)
BaseCatalog begin (BaseCatalog ... args)

Public Attributes

BaseCatalog elements
 STL member. More...

Detailed Description

A vector of catalogs used by Persistable.

This should really be thought of as just a typedef, but we can't forward-declare a typedef to a template class, so we use a trivial subclass instead. That may seem like a dirty hack, but it has a huge benefit in keeping compilation times down: it keeps us from needing to include Catalog.h in Persistable.h, which otherwise would pull all of the afw::table headers into the header of any class that wanted to make use of a Persistable subclass.

CatalogVector is also used in such limited circumstances that we don't really have to worry about the fact that std::vector doesn't have a virtual destructor and that we only have default and copy constructors for CatalogVector.

Definition at line 29 of file CatalogVector.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ elements

BaseCatalog std::vector< BaseCatalog >::elements

STL member.

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