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LSST Data Management Base Package
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lsst.ip.isr.linearize.LinearizeSpline Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __call__ (self, image, **kwargs)

Static Public Attributes

string LinearityType = "Spline"

Detailed Description

Correct non-linearity with a spline model.

corrImage = uncorrImage - Spline(coeffs, uncorrImage)


The spline fit calculates a correction as a function of the
expected linear flux term.  Because of this, the correction needs
to be subtracted from the observed flux.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ __call__()

def lsst.ip.isr.linearize.LinearizeSpline.__call__ (   self,
**  kwargs 
Correct for non-linearity.

image : `lsst.afw.image.Image`
    Image to be corrected
kwargs : `dict`
    Dictionary of parameter keywords:
        Coefficient vector (`list` or `numpy.array`).
        Logger to handle messages (`logging.Logger`).

output : `tuple` [`bool`, `int`]
    If true, a correction was applied successfully.  The
    integer indicates the number of pixels that were
    uncorrectable by being out of range.

Reimplemented from lsst.ip.isr.linearize.LinearizeBase.

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705  def __call__(self, image, **kwargs):
706  """Correct for non-linearity.
708  Parameters
709  ----------
710  image : `lsst.afw.image.Image`
711  Image to be corrected
712  kwargs : `dict`
713  Dictionary of parameter keywords:
714  ``"coeffs"``
715  Coefficient vector (`list` or `numpy.array`).
716  ``"log"``
717  Logger to handle messages (`logging.Logger`).
719  Returns
720  -------
721  output : `tuple` [`bool`, `int`]
722  If true, a correction was applied successfully. The
723  integer indicates the number of pixels that were
724  uncorrectable by being out of range.
725  """
726  splineCoeff = kwargs['coeffs']
727  centers, values = np.split(splineCoeff, 2)
728  interp = afwMath.makeInterpolate(centers.tolist(), values.tolist(),
729  afwMath.stringToInterpStyle("AKIMA_SPLINE"))
731  ampArr = image.getArray()
732  delta = interp.interpolate(ampArr.flatten())
733  ampArr -= np.array(delta).reshape(ampArr.shape)
735  return True, 0
Interpolate::Style stringToInterpStyle(std::string const &style)
Conversion function to switch a string to an Interpolate::Style.
std::shared_ptr< Interpolate > makeInterpolate(std::vector< double > const &x, std::vector< double > const &y, Interpolate::Style const style=Interpolate::AKIMA_SPLINE)
A factory function to make Interpolate objects.

Member Data Documentation

◆ LinearityType

string lsst.ip.isr.linearize.LinearizeSpline.LinearityType = "Spline"

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