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LSST Data Management Base Package
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lsst::meas::algorithms::KernelPsfFactory< T, K > Class Template Reference

A PersistableFactory for KernelPsf and its subclasses. More...

#include <KernelPsfFactory.h>

Inheritance diagram for lsst::meas::algorithms::KernelPsfFactory< T, K >:

Public Member Functions

virtual std::shared_ptr< afw::table::io::Persistableread (afw::table::io::InputArchive const &archive, afw::table::io::CatalogVector const &catalogs) const
 Construct a new object from the given InputArchive and vector of catalogs. More...
 KernelPsfFactory (std::string const &name)

Static Public Member Functions

static PersistableFactory const & lookup (std::string const &name, std::string const &module="")
 Return the factory that has been registered with the given name. More...

Protected Types

using InputArchive = io::InputArchive
using CatalogVector = io::CatalogVector

Detailed Description

template<typename T = KernelPsf, typename K = afw::math::Kernel>
class lsst::meas::algorithms::KernelPsfFactory< T, K >

A PersistableFactory for KernelPsf and its subclasses.

If a KernelPsf subclass has no data members other than its kernel, table persistence for it can be implemented simply by reimplementing getPersistenceName() and registering a specialization of KernelPsfFactory.

Template Parameters
TKernelPsf subclass the factory will construct.
KKernel subclass the Psf constructor requires.

Definition at line 55 of file KernelPsfFactory.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ CatalogVector

using lsst::afw::table::io::PersistableFactory::CatalogVector = io::CatalogVector

Definition at line 231 of file Persistable.h.

◆ InputArchive

using lsst::afw::table::io::PersistableFactory::InputArchive = io::InputArchive

Definition at line 230 of file Persistable.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ KernelPsfFactory()

template<typename T = KernelPsf, typename K = afw::math::Kernel>
lsst::meas::algorithms::KernelPsfFactory< T, K >::KernelPsfFactory ( std::string const &  name)

Definition at line 69 of file KernelPsfFactory.h.

69 : afw::table::io::PersistableFactory(name) {}
table::Key< std::string > name

Member Function Documentation

◆ lookup()

PersistableFactory const & lsst::afw::table::io::PersistableFactory::lookup ( std::string const &  name,
std::string const &  module = "" 

Return the factory that has been registered with the given name.

If the lookup fails and module is not an empty string, we will attempt to import a Python module with that name (this will only work when the C++ is being called from Python) and try again.

Definition at line 76 of file

76  {
77  RegistryMap::const_iterator i = getRegistry().find(name);
78  if (i == getRegistry().end()) {
79  if (!module.empty()) {
80  bool success = base::ModuleImporter::import(module);
81  if (!success) {
82  throw LSST_EXCEPT(
83  pex::exceptions::NotFoundError,
85  "PersistableFactory with name '%s' not found, and import of module "
86  "'%s' failed (possibly because Python calls were not available from C++).") %
87  name % module)
88  .str());
89  }
90  i = getRegistry().find(name);
91  if (i == getRegistry().end()) {
92  throw LSST_EXCEPT(
93  pex::exceptions::LogicError,
95  "PersistableFactory with name '%s' not found even after successful import "
96  "of module '%s'. Please report this as a bug in the persistence "
97  "implementation for this object.") %
98  name % module)
99  .str());
100  }
101  } else {
102  throw LSST_EXCEPT(
103  pex::exceptions::LogicError,
104  (boost::format(
105  "PersistableFactory with name '%s' not found, and no Python module to import "
106  "was provided. Please report this as a bug in the persistence implementation "
107  "for this object.") %
108  name)
109  .str());
110  }
111  }
112  return *i->second;
113 }
int end
#define LSST_EXCEPT(type,...)
Create an exception with a given type.
Definition: Exception.h:48
static bool import(std::string const &name)
Import the given Python module, and return true if successful.
def format(config, name=None, writeSourceLine=True, prefix="", verbose=False)

◆ read()

template<typename T = KernelPsf, typename K = afw::math::Kernel>
virtual std::shared_ptr<afw::table::io::Persistable> lsst::meas::algorithms::KernelPsfFactory< T, K >::read ( afw::table::io::InputArchive const &  archive,
afw::table::io::CatalogVector const &  catalogs 
) const

Construct a new object from the given InputArchive and vector of catalogs.

Implements lsst::afw::table::io::PersistableFactory.

Definition at line 57 of file KernelPsfFactory.h.

58  {
59  static KernelPsfPersistenceHelper const& keys = KernelPsfPersistenceHelper::get();
60  LSST_ARCHIVE_ASSERT(catalogs.size() == 1u);
61  LSST_ARCHIVE_ASSERT(catalogs.front().size() == 1u);
62  afw::table::BaseRecord const& record = catalogs.front().front();
63  LSST_ARCHIVE_ASSERT(record.getSchema() == keys.schema);
64  // make_shared cannot be used here because
65  // the KernelPsf constructor that takes shared_ptr<Kernel> is protected
66  return std::shared_ptr<T>(new T(archive.get<K>(record.get(keys.kernel)), record.get(keys.averagePosition)));
67  }
An assertion macro used to validate the structure of an InputArchive.
Definition: Persistable.h:48
static KernelPsfPersistenceHelper const & get()

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