LSSTApplications  17.0+11,17.0+35,17.0+60,17.0+61,17.0+63,17.0+7,17.0-1-g377950a+35,17.0.1-1-g114240f+2,17.0.1-1-g4d4fbc4+30,17.0.1-1-g55520dc+55,17.0.1-1-g5f4ed7e+59,17.0.1-1-g6dd7d69+22,17.0.1-1-g8de6c91+11,17.0.1-1-gb9095d2+7,17.0.1-1-ge9fec5e+5,17.0.1-1-gf4e0155+63,17.0.1-1-gfc65f5f+56,17.0.1-1-gfc6fb1f+20,17.0.1-10-g87f9f3f+9,17.0.1-12-g112a4bc+3,17.0.1-17-gab9750a3+5,17.0.1-17-gdae4c4a+16,17.0.1-19-g3a24bb2+2,17.0.1-2-g26618f5+35,17.0.1-2-g54f2ebc+9,17.0.1-2-gf403422+1,17.0.1-21-g52a398f+5,17.0.1-26-gd98a1d13,17.0.1-3-g7e86b59+45,17.0.1-3-gb5ca14a,17.0.1-3-gd08d533+46,17.0.1-31-gb0791f330,17.0.1-4-g59d126d+10,17.0.1-5-g3877d06+2,17.0.1-7-g35889ee+7,17.0.1-7-gc7c8782+20,17.0.1-7-gcb7da53+5,17.0.1-9-gc4bbfb2+10,w.2019.24
AssembleCcdTask Assemble a set of amplifier images into a full detector size set of pixels.
SourceDetectionTask Detect positive and negative sources on an exposure and return a new table.SourceCatalog.
InstallGaussianPsfTask Install a Gaussian PSF model in an exposure.
LoadReferenceObjectsTask Abstract base class to load objects from reference catalogs.
MeasureApCorrTask Task to measure aperture correction
ObjectSizeStarSelectorTask A star selector that looks for a cluster of small objects in a size-magnitude plot.
ReadFitsCatalogTask Read an object catalog from a FITS table.
ReadTextCatalogTask Read an object catalog from a text file.
SubtractBackgroundTask Subtract the background from an exposure.
SourceDeblendTask Split blended sources into individual sources.
LoadAstrometryNetObjectsTask Load reference objects from index files
CalibrateTask Calibrate an exposure: measure sources and perform astrometric and photometric calibration.
CharacterizeImageTask Measure bright sources and use this to estimate background and PSF of an exposure.
ExampleCmdLineTask An example intended to show how to write a command-line task.
ExampleSigmaClippedStatsTask A simple example subtask that computes sigma-clipped statistics of an image
ExampleSimpleStatsTask A very simple example subtask that computes statistics of an image.
MakeCoaddTempExpTask Warp and optionally PSF-Match calexps onto an a common projection.
MeasurePsfTask Measure the PSF.
MergeMeasurementsTask Merge measurements from multiple bands.
DetectCoaddSourcesTask Detect sources on a coadd.
MeasureMergedCoaddSourcesTask Deblend sources from master catalog in each coadd seperately and measure.
PhotoCalTask Detect positive and negative sources on an exposure and return a new SourceCatalog.
ProcessCcdTask Assemble raw data, fit the PSF, detect and measure, and fit WCS and zero-point.
PropagateVisitFlagsTask Task to propagate flags from single-frame measurements to coadd measurements.
RepairTask Interpolate over defects in an exposure and handle cosmic rays.
SnapCombineTask Combine snaps.
TransformTask Transform a SourceCatalog containing raw measurements to calibrated form.
SrcTransformTask Transform src measuremenents to calibrated form.
ForcedSrcTransformTask Transform forced_src measuremenents to calibrated form.
CoaddSrcTransformTask Transform measuremenents made on coadds to calibrated form.