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LSST Data Management Base Package
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lsst.ip.isr.linearize.LinearizeNone Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __call__ (self, image, **kwargs)

Static Public Attributes

str LinearityType = "None"

Detailed Description

Do not correct non-linearity.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ __call__()

lsst.ip.isr.linearize.LinearizeNone.__call__ ( self,
** kwargs )
Do not correct for non-linearity.

image : `lsst.afw.image.Image`
    Image to be corrected
kwargs : `dict`
    Dictionary of parameter keywords:

        Coefficient vector (`list` or `numpy.array`).
        Logger to handle messages (`logging.Logger`).

output : `tuple` [`bool`, `int`]
    If true, a correction was applied successfully.  The
    integer indicates the number of pixels that were
    uncorrectable by being out of range.

Reimplemented from lsst.ip.isr.linearize.LinearizeBase.

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814 def __call__(self, image, **kwargs):
815 """Do not correct for non-linearity.
817 Parameters
818 ----------
819 image : `lsst.afw.image.Image`
820 Image to be corrected
821 kwargs : `dict`
822 Dictionary of parameter keywords:
824 ``coeffs``
825 Coefficient vector (`list` or `numpy.array`).
826 ``log``
827 Logger to handle messages (`logging.Logger`).
829 Returns
830 -------
831 output : `tuple` [`bool`, `int`]
832 If true, a correction was applied successfully. The
833 integer indicates the number of pixels that were
834 uncorrectable by being out of range.
835 """
836 return True, 0

Member Data Documentation

◆ LinearityType

str lsst.ip.isr.linearize.LinearizeNone.LinearityType = "None"

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