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lsst::meas::algorithms::MinimizeChi2< PixelT > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for lsst::meas::algorithms::MinimizeChi2< PixelT >:

Public Member Functions

 MinimizeChi2 (evalChi2Visitor< PixelT > &chi2Visitor, afw::math::Kernel *kernel, afw::math::SpatialCellSet const &psfCells, int nStarPerCell, int nComponents, int nSpatialParams)
double Up () const
 Error definition of the function.
double operator() (const std::vector< double > &coeffs) const
void setErrorDef (double def)

Detailed Description

template<typename PixelT>
class lsst::meas::algorithms::MinimizeChi2< PixelT >

Definition at line 544 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MinimizeChi2()

template<typename PixelT >
lsst::meas::algorithms::MinimizeChi2< PixelT >::MinimizeChi2 ( evalChi2Visitor< PixelT > & chi2Visitor,
afw::math::Kernel * kernel,
afw::math::SpatialCellSet const & psfCells,
int nStarPerCell,
int nComponents,
int nSpatialParams )

Definition at line 546 of file

549 : _errorDef(1.0),
550 _chi2Visitor(chi2Visitor),
551 _kernel(kernel),
552 _psfCells(psfCells),
553 _nStarPerCell(nStarPerCell),
554 _nComponents(nComponents),
555 _nSpatialParams(nSpatialParams) {}

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

template<typename PixelT >
double lsst::meas::algorithms::MinimizeChi2< PixelT >::operator() ( const std::vector< double > & coeffs) const

Definition at line 566 of file

566 {
567 setSpatialParameters(_kernel, coeffs);
569 _psfCells.visitCandidates(&_chi2Visitor, _nStarPerCell);
571 return _chi2Visitor.getValue();
572 }
void visitCandidates(CandidateVisitor *visitor, int const nMaxPerCell=-1, bool const ignoreExceptions=false)
Call the visitor's processCandidate method for each Candidate in the SpatialCellSet.
void setSpatialParameters(afw::math::Kernel *kernel, std::vector< double > const &coeffs)
Fit a Kernel's spatial variability from a set of stars.

◆ setErrorDef()

template<typename PixelT >
void lsst::meas::algorithms::MinimizeChi2< PixelT >::setErrorDef ( double def)

Definition at line 574 of file

574{ _errorDef = def; }

◆ Up()

template<typename PixelT >
double lsst::meas::algorithms::MinimizeChi2< PixelT >::Up ( ) const

Error definition of the function.

MINUIT defines Parameter errors as the change in Parameter Value required to change the function Value by up. Normally, for chisquared fits it is 1, and for negative log likelihood, its Value is 0.5. If the user wants instead the 2-sigma errors for chisquared fits, it becomes 4,

Definition at line 563 of file

563{ return _errorDef; }

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