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lsst.pipe.tasks.extended_psf.MeasureExtendedPsfTask Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, initInputs=None, *args, **kwargs)
def select_detector_refs (self, ref_list)
def runQuantum (self, butlerQC, inputRefs, outputRefs)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 ConfigClass = MeasureExtendedPsfConfig

Detailed Description

Build and save extended PSF model.

The model is built by stacking bright star stamps, extracted and
preprocessed by
If a mapping from detector IDs to focal plane regions is provided,
a different extended PSF model will be built for each focal plane
region. If not, a single, constant extended PSF model is built using
all available data.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def lsst.pipe.tasks.extended_psf.MeasureExtendedPsfTask.__init__ (   self,
  initInputs = None,
**  kwargs 

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437  def __init__(self, initInputs=None, *args, **kwargs):
438  pipeBase.CmdLineTask.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
439  self.makeSubtask("stack_bright_stars")
440  self.focal_plane_regions = {region: [] for region in
441  set(self.config.detectors_focal_plane_regions.values())}
442  for det, region in self.config.detectors_focal_plane_regions.items():
443  self.focal_plane_regions[region].append(det)
444  # make no assumption on what detector IDs should be, but if we come
445  # across one where there are processed bright stars, but no
446  # corresponding focal plane region, make sure we keep track of
447  # it (eg to raise a warning only once)
448  self.regionless_dets = []
daf::base::PropertySet * set
std::shared_ptr< FrameSet > append(FrameSet const &first, FrameSet const &second)
Construct a FrameSet that performs two transformations in series.

Member Function Documentation

◆ runQuantum()

def lsst.pipe.tasks.extended_psf.MeasureExtendedPsfTask.runQuantum (   self,

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476  def runQuantum(self, butlerQC, inputRefs, outputRefs):
477  input_data = butlerQC.get(inputRefs)
478  bss_ref_list = input_data['input_brightStarStamps']
479  # Handle default case of a single region with empty detector list
480  if not self.config.detectors_focal_plane_regions:
481"No detector groups were provided to MeasureExtendedPsfTask; computing a single, "
482  "constant extended PSF model over all available observations.")
483  output_e_psf = ExtendedPsf(
484  else:
485  output_e_psf = ExtendedPsf()
486  region_ref_list = self.select_detector_refs(bss_ref_list)
487  for region_name, ref_list in region_ref_list.items():
488  if not ref_list:
489  # no valid references found
490  self.log.warning('No valid brightStarStamps reference found for region "%s"; '
491  'skipping it.', region_name)
492  continue
493  ext_psf =, region_name)
494  output_e_psf.add_regional_extended_psf(ext_psf, region_name,
495  self.focal_plane_regions[region_name])
496  output = pipeBase.Struct(extended_psf=output_e_psf)
497  butlerQC.put(output, outputRefs)
def run(self, coaddExposures, bbox, wcs)

◆ select_detector_refs()

def lsst.pipe.tasks.extended_psf.MeasureExtendedPsfTask.select_detector_refs (   self,
Split available sets of bright star stamps according to focal plane

ref_list : `list` of
    List of available bright star stamps data references.

Definition at line 450 of file

450  def select_detector_refs(self, ref_list):
451  """Split available sets of bright star stamps according to focal plane
452  regions.
454  Parameters
455  ----------
456  ref_list : `list` of
457  `lsst.daf.butler._deferredDatasetHandle.DeferredDatasetHandle`
458  List of available bright star stamps data references.
459  """
460  region_ref_list = {region: [] for region in self.focal_plane_regions.keys()}
461  for dataset_handle in ref_list:
462  det_id = dataset_handle.ref.dataId["detector"]
463  if det_id in self.regionless_dets:
464  continue
465  try:
466  region_name = self.config.detectors_focal_plane_regions[det_id]
467  except KeyError:
468  self.log.warning('Bright stars were available for detector %d, but it was missing '
469  'from the "detectors_focal_plane_regions" config field, so they will not '
470  'be used to build any of the extended PSF models', det_id)
471  self.regionless_dets.append(det_id)
472  continue
473  region_ref_list[region_name].append(dataset_handle)
474  return region_ref_list

Member Data Documentation

◆ ConfigClass

lsst.pipe.tasks.extended_psf.MeasureExtendedPsfTask.ConfigClass = MeasureExtendedPsfConfig

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◆ focal_plane_regions


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◆ regionless_dets


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