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lsstDebug.Info Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, modname)
def __getattr__ (self, what)
def __setattr__ (self, what, value)

Detailed Description

An object cognisant of debugging parameters appropriate for module

Any request for a value will return False unless that value has
been set, either in the module or as an attribute of this object.


.. code-block:: python

    import lsstDebug

    display = lsstDebug.Info(__name__).display

will set display to False, unless display has been set with

.. code-block:: python

    lsstDebug.Info(__name__).display = True

Why is this interesting?  Because you can replace `lsstDebug.Info` with your
own version, e.g.

.. code-block:: python

    import lsstDebug

    def DebugInfo(name):
        # N.b. lsstDebug.Info(name) would call us recursively
        di = lsstDebug.getInfo(name)
        if name == "foo":
            di.display = dict(repair=1, background=2, calibrate=3)

        return di

    lsstDebug.Info = DebugInfo

modname : `str`
    Module name.

Definition at line 28 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def lsstDebug.Info.__init__ (   self,

Definition at line 71 of file

71  def __init__(self, modname):
72  import sys
73  self.__dict__["_dict"] = sys.modules[modname].__dict__
74  self._modname = modname

Member Function Documentation

◆ __getattr__()

def lsstDebug.Info.__getattr__ (   self,
Return the value of the variable "what" in ``self.__modname``
if set, else False

Definition at line 76 of file

76  def __getattr__(self, what):
77  """Return the value of the variable "what" in ``self.__modname``
78  if set, else False"""
79  return self._dict.get(what, False)

◆ __setattr__()

def lsstDebug.Info.__setattr__ (   self,
Set the value of the variable "what" in ``self.__modname``
to value

Definition at line 81 of file

81  def __setattr__(self, what, value):
82  """Set the value of the variable "what" in ``self.__modname``
83  to value"""
84  self._dict[what] = value

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