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LSST Data Management Base Package
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lsst::afw::image::detail Namespace Reference


class  MaskDict
class  StorableMap
 A map of Storable supporting strongly-typed access. More...
struct  basic_tag
 Base image tag. More...
struct  Image_tag
 tag for an Image More...
struct  image_traits
 traits class for image categories More...
struct  Mask_tag
 tag for a Mask More...
struct  MaskedImage_tag
 A traits class for MaskedImage. More...
struct  MaskedImagePixel_tag
 A class used to identify classes that represent MaskedImage pixels. More...


using MaskPlaneDict = std::map< std::string, int >


int stripFilterKeywords (std::shared_ptr< lsst::daf::base::PropertySet > metadata)
 Remove Filter-related keywords from the metadata. More...
void setVisitInfoMetadata (daf::base::PropertyList &metadata, VisitInfo const &visitInfo)
 Set FITS metadata from a VisitInfo. More...
int stripVisitInfoKeywords (daf::base::PropertySet &metadata)
 Remove VisitInfo-related keywords from the metadata. More...


std::string const wcsNameForXY0 = "A"
std::string const fitsFile_RE = "\\.fits(\\.[fg]z)?$"
 regexp to identify when MaskedImages should be written as MEFs More...
std::string const compressedFileNoMEF_RE = "(\\.gz)$"
 regexp to identify compressed files that we can't write MEFs to More...

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◆ MaskPlaneDict

Definition at line 58 of file Mask.h.

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◆ setVisitInfoMetadata()

void lsst::afw::image::detail::setVisitInfoMetadata ( daf::base::PropertyList metadata,
VisitInfo const &  visitInfo 

Set FITS metadata from a VisitInfo.

[in,out]metadataFITS keyword metadata to set
[in]visitInfoinstance of VisitInfo from which to set metadata

Definition at line 363 of file

363  {
364  if (visitInfo.getExposureId() != 0) {
365  metadata.set("EXPID", visitInfo.getExposureId());
366  }
367  setDouble(metadata, "EXPTIME", visitInfo.getExposureTime(), "Exposure time (sec)");
368  setDouble(metadata, "DARKTIME", visitInfo.getDarkTime(), "Time from CCD flush to readout (sec)");
369  if (visitInfo.getDate().isValid()) {
370  metadata.set("DATE-AVG", visitInfo.getDate().toString(::DateTime::TAI),
371  "TAI date at middle of observation");
372  metadata.set("TIMESYS", "TAI");
373  }
374  setDouble(metadata, "MJD-AVG-UT1", visitInfo.getUt1(), "UT1 MJD date at ctr of obs");
375  setAngle(metadata, "AVG-ERA", visitInfo.getEra(), "Earth rot ang at ctr of obs (deg)");
376  auto boresightRaDec = visitInfo.getBoresightRaDec();
377  setAngle(metadata, "BORE-RA", boresightRaDec[0], "ICRS RA (deg) at boresight");
378  setAngle(metadata, "BORE-DEC", boresightRaDec[1], "ICRS Dec (deg) at boresight");
379  auto boresightAzAlt = visitInfo.getBoresightAzAlt();
380  setAngle(metadata, "BORE-AZ", boresightAzAlt[0], "Refr app topo az (deg) at bore");
381  setAngle(metadata, "BORE-ALT", boresightAzAlt[1], "Refr app topo alt (deg) at bore");
382  setDouble(metadata, "BORE-AIRMASS", visitInfo.getBoresightAirmass(), "Airmass at boresight");
383  setAngle(metadata, "BORE-ROTANG", visitInfo.getBoresightRotAngle(), "Rotation angle (deg) at boresight");
384  metadata.set("ROTTYPE", rotTypeStrFromEnum(visitInfo.getRotType()), "Type of rotation angle");
385  auto observatory = visitInfo.getObservatory();
386  setAngle(metadata, "OBS-LONG", observatory.getLongitude(), "Telescope longitude (+E, deg)");
387  setAngle(metadata, "OBS-LAT", observatory.getLatitude(), "Telescope latitude (deg)");
388  setDouble(metadata, "OBS-ELEV", observatory.getElevation(), "Telescope elevation (m)");
389  auto weather = visitInfo.getWeather();
390  setDouble(metadata, "AIRTEMP", weather.getAirTemperature(), "Outside air temperature (C)");
391  setDouble(metadata, "AIRPRESS", weather.getAirPressure(), "Outdoor air pressure (P)");
392  setDouble(metadata, "HUMIDITY", weather.getHumidity(), "Relative humidity (%)");
393  setString(metadata, "INSTRUMENT", visitInfo.getInstrumentLabel(),
394  "Short name of the instrument that took this data");
395  if (visitInfo.getId() != 0) {
396  metadata.set("IDNUM", visitInfo.getId(), "identifier of this full focal plane exposure");
397  }
398 }
table::CoordKey boresightRaDec
bool isValid() const noexcept
Return true if the key was initialized to valid offset.
Definition: Key.h:97
Key< int > visitInfo

◆ stripFilterKeywords()

int lsst::afw::image::detail::stripFilterKeywords ( std::shared_ptr< lsst::daf::base::PropertySet metadata)

Remove Filter-related keywords from the metadata.

[in,out]metadataMetadata to be stripped
Number of keywords stripped

Definition at line 130 of file

130  {
131  int nstripped = 0;
133  std::string key = "FILTER";
134  if (metadata->exists(key)) {
135  metadata->remove(key);
136  nstripped++;
137  }
139  return nstripped;
140 }
virtual void remove(std::string const &name)
Remove all values for a property name (possibly hierarchical).
bool exists(std::string const &name) const
Determine if a name (possibly hierarchical) exists.

◆ stripVisitInfoKeywords()

int lsst::afw::image::detail::stripVisitInfoKeywords ( daf::base::PropertySet metadata)

Remove VisitInfo-related keywords from the metadata.

[in,out]metadataFITS keyword metadata
Number of keywords stripped

Definition at line 346 of file

346  {
347  int nstripped = 0;
349  std::vector<std::string> keyList = {"EXPID", "EXPTIME", "DARKTIME", "DATE-AVG", "TIMESYS",
354  for (auto&& key : keyList) {
355  if (metadata.exists(key)) {
356  metadata.remove(key);
357  nstripped++;
358  }
359  }
360  return nstripped;
361 }

Variable Documentation

◆ compressedFileNoMEF_RE

std::string const lsst::afw::image::detail::compressedFileNoMEF_RE = "(\\.gz)$"

regexp to identify compressed files that we can't write MEFs to

Definition at line 57 of file MaskedImage.h.

◆ fitsFile_RE

std::string const lsst::afw::image::detail::fitsFile_RE = "\\.fits(\\.[fg]z)?$"

regexp to identify when MaskedImages should be written as MEFs

Definition at line 55 of file MaskedImage.h.

◆ wcsNameForXY0

std::string const lsst::afw::image::detail::wcsNameForXY0 = "A"

Definition at line 70 of file ImageBase.h.