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LSST Data Management Base Package
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lsst.pipe.tasks.fit_multiband.CatalogExposure Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for lsst.pipe.tasks.fit_multiband.CatalogExposure:
lsst.pipe.tasks.fit_coadd_multiband.CatalogExposureInputs lsst.pipe.tasks.fit_coadd_psf.CatalogExposurePsf

Public Member Functions

str band (self)
afwImage.PhotoCalib|None calib (self)
 __post_init__ (self)

Static Public Attributes

dafButler dataId
afwTable catalog = Field(None, title="The measurement catalog, if any")
afwImage exposure = Field(None, title="The exposure, if any")
int id_tract_patch = Field(0, title="A unique ID for this tract-patch pair")
dict metadata = Field(default_factory=dict, title="Arbitrary metadata")

Detailed Description

A class to store a catalog, exposure, and metadata for a given dataId.

The intent is to store an exposure and an associated measurement catalog.
Users may omit one but not both (e.g. if the intent is just to attach
a dataId and metadata to a catalog or exposure).

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Member Function Documentation

◆ __post_init__()

lsst.pipe.tasks.fit_multiband.CatalogExposure.__post_init__ ( self)

Definition at line 59 of file

59 def __post_init__(self):
60 if self.catalog is None and self.exposure is None:
61 raise ValueError("Must specify at least one of catalog/exposure")
62 if 'band' not in self.dataId:
63 raise ValueError(f"dataId={self.dataId} must have a band")

◆ band()

str ( self)

Definition at line 45 of file

45 def band(self) -> str:
46 return self.dataId['band']
OptionalString band

◆ calib()

afwImage.PhotoCalib | None lsst.pipe.tasks.fit_multiband.CatalogExposure.calib ( self)

Definition at line 49 of file

49 def calib(self) -> afwImage.PhotoCalib | None:
50 return None if self.exposure is None else self.exposure.getPhotoCalib()
Key< int > calib

Member Data Documentation

◆ catalog

afwTable lsst.pipe.tasks.fit_multiband.CatalogExposure.catalog = Field(None, title="The measurement catalog, if any")

Definition at line 54 of file

◆ dataId

dafButler lsst.pipe.tasks.fit_multiband.CatalogExposure.dataId
Initial value:
= Field(
title="A DataCoordinate or dict containing a 'band' item")

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◆ exposure

afwImage lsst.pipe.tasks.fit_multiband.CatalogExposure.exposure = Field(None, title="The exposure, if any")

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◆ id_tract_patch

int lsst.pipe.tasks.fit_multiband.CatalogExposure.id_tract_patch = Field(0, title="A unique ID for this tract-patch pair")

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◆ metadata

dict lsst.pipe.tasks.fit_multiband.CatalogExposure.metadata = Field(default_factory=dict, title="Arbitrary metadata")

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