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#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <cmath>
#include <cstring>
#include <limits>
#include "boost/format.hpp"
#include "wcslib/wcs.h"
#include "wcslib/wcsfix.h"
#include "wcslib/wcshdr.h"
#include "lsst/daf/base.h"
#include "lsst/daf/base/Citizen.h"
#include "lsst/afw/formatters/Utils.h"
#include "lsst/afw/formatters/WcsFormatter.h"
#include "lsst/pex/exceptions.h"
#include "lsst/afw/image/ImageUtils.h"
#include "lsst/afw/image/Wcs.h"
#include "lsst/afw/coord/Coord.h"
#include "lsst/afw/geom/Angle.h"
#include "lsst/afw/table/io/OutputArchive.h"
#include "lsst/afw/table/io/InputArchive.h"
#include "lsst/afw/table/io/CatalogVector.h"
#include "lsst/afw/table/aggregates.h"

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class  lsst::afw::image::WcsFactory


 A base class for image defects.


#define CHECK_NULLS(a, b)


typedef lsst::daf::base::PropertySet PropertySet
typedef lsst::daf::base::PropertyList PropertyList
typedef lsst::afw::geom::Point2D GeomPoint
typedef std::shared_ptr< lsst::afw::coord::CoordCoordPtr


std::shared_ptr< lsst::daf::base::PropertyListlsst::afw::image::detail::createTrivialWcsAsPropertySet (std::string const &wcsName, int const x0, int const y0)
geom::Point2I lsst::afw::image::detail::getImageXY0FromMetadata (std::string const &wcsName, daf::base::PropertySet *metadata)
int lsst::afw::image::detail::stripWcsKeywords (std::shared_ptr< daf::base::PropertySet > const &metadata, std::shared_ptr< Wcs const > const &wcs)


const int STRLEN = 72
const int lsst::afw::image::lsstToFitsPixels = +1
const int lsst::afw::image::fitsToLsstPixels = -1

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#define CHECK_NULLS (   a,
do { \
if ((a) == NULL) { \
if ((b) == NULL) return true; \
return false; \
} \
if ((b) == NULL) return false; \
} while (false)
table::Key< int > b
table::Key< int > a

Definition at line 493 of file

Typedef Documentation

◆ CoordPtr

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◆ GeomPoint

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◆ PropertyList

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◆ PropertySet

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Variable Documentation

◆ cd

table::Key<table::Array<double> > cd

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◆ crpix

table::PointKey<double> crpix

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◆ crval

table::PointKey<double> crval

Definition at line 934 of file

◆ ctype1

table::Key<std::string> ctype1

Definition at line 937 of file

◆ ctype2

table::Key<std::string> ctype2

Definition at line 938 of file

◆ cunit1

table::Key<std::string> cunit1

Definition at line 941 of file

◆ cunit2

table::Key<std::string> cunit2

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◆ equinox

table::Key<double> equinox

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◆ radesys

table::Key<std::string> radesys

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◆ schema

table::Schema schema

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const int STRLEN = 72

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