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lsst::afw::table::io Namespace Reference




struct  ArchiveIndexSchema
 Schema for the index catalog that specifies where objects are stored in the data catalogs. More...
class  CatalogVector
 A vector of catalogs used by Persistable. More...
class  FitsColumnReader
 Polymorphic reader interface used to read different kinds of objects from one or more FITS binary table columns. More...
class  FitsReader
 A utility class for reading FITS binary tables. More...
class  FitsSchemaInputMapper
 A class that describes a mapping from a FITS binary table to an afw::table Schema. More...
struct  FitsSchemaItem
 A structure that describes a field as a collection of related strings read from the FITS header. More...
class  FitsWriter
 Writer object for FITS binary tables. More...
class  InputArchive
 A multi-catalog archive object used to load table::io::Persistable objects. More...
class  MalformedArchiveError
 An exception thrown when an InputArchive's contents do not make sense. More...
class  OutputArchive
 A multi-catalog archive object used to save table::io::Persistable objects. More...
class  OutputArchiveHandle
 An object passed to Persistable::write to allow it to persist itself. More...
class  Persistable
 A base class for objects that can be persisted via afw::table::io Archive classes. More...
class  PersistableFacade
 A CRTP facade class for subclasses of Persistable. More...
class  PersistableFactory
 A base class for factory classes used to reconstruct objects from records. More...
class  PersistenceError
 An exception thrown when problems occur during persistence. More...


using PyPersistable = py::class_< Persistable, std::shared_ptr< Persistable > >


void wrapFits (utils::python::WrapperCollection &wrappers)
void wrapPersistable (WrapperCollection &)
 PYBIND11_MODULE (_io, mod)
void erase (int column)

Typedef Documentation

◆ PyPersistable

Definition at line 37 of file

Function Documentation

◆ erase()

void lsst::afw::table::io::erase ( int  column)


lsst::afw::table::io::PYBIND11_MODULE ( _io  ,

Definition at line 41 of file

41  {
42  WrapperCollection wrappers(mod, "");
43  wrapPersistable(wrappers);
44  wrapFits(wrappers);
45  wrappers.finish();
46 }
void wrapPersistable(WrapperCollection &)
void wrapFits(utils::python::WrapperCollection &wrappers)

◆ wrapFits()

void lsst::afw::table::io::wrapFits ( utils::python::WrapperCollection wrappers)

Definition at line 36 of file

36  {
37  wrappers.wrap([](auto& mod) {
38  mod.def("setPreppedRowsFactor",
39  [](std::size_t n) { FitsSchemaInputMapper::PREPPED_ROWS_FACTOR = n; });
40  mod.def("getPreppedRowsFactor", []() { return FitsSchemaInputMapper::PREPPED_ROWS_FACTOR; });
41  });
42 }

◆ wrapPersistable()

void lsst::afw::table::io::wrapPersistable ( WrapperCollection wrappers)

Definition at line 39 of file

39  {
40  // TODO: uncomment once afw.fits uses WrapperCollection
41  // wrappers.addSignatureDependency("lsst.afw.fits");
43  wrappers.wrapType(PyPersistable(wrappers.module, "Persistable"), [](auto &mod, auto &cls) {
44  cls.def("writeFits",
45  (void (Persistable::*)(std::string const &, std::string const &) const) &
46  Persistable::writeFits,
47  "fileName"_a, "mode"_a = "w");
48  cls.def("writeFits",
49  (void (Persistable::*)(fits::MemFileManager &, std::string const &) const) &
50  Persistable::writeFits,
51  "manager"_a, "mode"_a = "w");
52  cls.def("isPersistable", &Persistable::isPersistable);
53  });
54 }
py::class_< Persistable, std::shared_ptr< Persistable > > PyPersistable