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lsst::afw::table::PersistableObjectColumnReader< T, Setter > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for lsst::afw::table::PersistableObjectColumnReader< T, Setter >:

Public Member Functions

 PersistableObjectColumnReader (int column)
void readCell (BaseRecord &record, std::size_t row, fits::Fits &fits, std::shared_ptr< io::InputArchive > const &archive) const override
 Read values from a single row.
virtual void prepRead (std::size_t firstRow, std::size_t nRows, fits::Fits &fits)
 Optionally read ahead and cache values from multiple rows.

Static Public Member Functions

static void setup (std::string const &name, io::FitsSchemaInputMapper &mapper)

Detailed Description

template<typename T, void(ExposureRecord::*)(std::shared_ptr< T const >) Setter>
class lsst::afw::table::PersistableObjectColumnReader< T, Setter >

Definition at line 255 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PersistableObjectColumnReader()

template<typename T , void(ExposureRecord::*)(std::shared_ptr< T const >) Setter>
lsst::afw::table::PersistableObjectColumnReader< T, Setter >::PersistableObjectColumnReader ( int column)

Definition at line 268 of file

268: _column(column) {}

Member Function Documentation

◆ prepRead()

virtual void lsst::afw::table::io::FitsColumnReader::prepRead ( std::size_t firstRow,
std::size_t nRows,
fits::Fits & fits )

Optionally read ahead and cache values from multiple rows.

Subclasses are not required to implement this method; if they do, they should indicate to readCell that cached values should be used instead. Subclasses should not assume that prepRead will always be called, however.

[in]firstRowIndex of the first row to read.
[in]nRowsNumber of rows to read.
[in]fitsFITS file manager object.

Definition at line 42 of file FitsSchemaInputMapper.h.


◆ readCell()

template<typename T , void(ExposureRecord::*)(std::shared_ptr< T const >) Setter>
void lsst::afw::table::PersistableObjectColumnReader< T, Setter >::readCell ( BaseRecord & record,
std::size_t row,
fits::Fits & fits,
std::shared_ptr< io::InputArchive > const & archive ) const

Read values from a single row.

[in,out]recordRecord to populate.
[in]rowIndex of the row to read from.
[in]fitsFITS file manager object.
[in]archiveArchive holding persisted objects, loaded from other HDUs. May be null.

Implements lsst::afw::table::io::FitsColumnReader.

Definition at line 270 of file

271 {
272 int id = 0;
273 fits.readTableScalar<int>(row, _column, id);
274 std::shared_ptr<T> value = archive->get<T>(id);
275 (static_cast<ExposureRecord &>(record).*(Setter))(value);
276 }
table::Key< int > id
T get(T... args)
int row

◆ setup()

template<typename T , void(ExposureRecord::*)(std::shared_ptr< T const >) Setter>
static void lsst::afw::table::PersistableObjectColumnReader< T, Setter >::setup ( std::string const & name,
io::FitsSchemaInputMapper & mapper )

Definition at line 257 of file

257 {
258 auto item = mapper.find(name);
259 if (item) {
260 if (mapper.hasArchive()) {
262 mapper.customize(std::move(reader));
263 }
264 mapper.erase(item);
265 }
266 }
SchemaMapper * mapper
T move(T... args)

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